Thirst for Student Data Impacts Development of Fluid Intelligence



“A wide range of new studies are finding that motor skills, hand-eye coordination, aerobic conditioning and daily physicality are important for maintaining working memory and fluid intelligence.

Fluid intelligence is the capacity to think logically and solve problems in novel situations, independent of acquired knowledge. Fluid intelligence involves the ability to identify patterns and relationships that underpin novel problems and to extrapolate these findings using logic.

On the other hand, crystallized intelligence is the ability to utilize information, skills, knowledge, and experience in a way that could be measured on a standardized test. Crystallized intelligence represents your lifetime of cerebral knowledge, as reflected through your vocabulary, general explicit knowledge and Trivial Pursuit types of declarative memory of people, places, things…

Many experts believe that one of the backlashes of overemphasizing standardized testing as part of ‘no child left behind’ is that young Americans are gaining crystallized intelligence at the expense of their fluid intelligence…

People of all ages need to keep their working memory strong in order to maintain fluid intelligence. In a sedentary digital age full of standardized testing, crystallized intelligence is monopolizing our brains and causing some regions to shrink and become disconnected.

It causes me great concern for myself and my daughter’s generation that people—especially children—are totally out of balance between crystallized and fluid intelligence…”

~ Christopher Bergland, “Too Much Crystallized Thinking Lowers Fluid Intelligence” 12/26/13


2 thoughts on “Thirst for Student Data Impacts Development of Fluid Intelligence

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