Leader vs. Leadership


It is becoming increasingly clear that the challenges faced by teachers and defenders of public education are both external forces promoting dollar-driven reforms and privatization as well as internal forces and people more concerned with wielding power and leading others than engaging in leadership.

“Here it is important to introduce a new thought by stating that the word ‘leader’ and its function is different from the word ‘leadership’ and its function. This means that a leader is not necessarily one who engages in leadership…

Leadership is not what is done, but why it is done. The ‘why’ penetrates to the truth behind an action. The act of giving can be unwholesome in the light of why it is done. It is in itself open to judgement until its roots are exposed, because the reasons behind an action far outweigh the worth of the action itself.

It is the truth behind the action that makes it wholesome or unwholesome. Leadership cannot exist in the presence of the unwholesome, just as integrity cannot exist in the presence of corruption or deceit…

Not every giver is generous. Not every fighter is a warrior. Not all players are champions. Similarly, not all leaders appreciate the values of leadership.”

“How to Lose Friends and Infuriate People” ~ Jonar Nader

The following passage attributed to the Tao-te Ching by Lao-tzu also comments on effective leadership.

“Therefore, desiring to rule over the people,
One must in one’s words humble oneself before them
And, desiring to lead the people,
One must, in one’s person, follow behind them.”

“You who choose to lead must follow” ~ Ripple


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